First of all a very welcome at azuretigers.com. At this page you will find blogposts about Azure and Microsoft 365. We are three tigers with our own specialties which we are binding together to help the community and to show what keeps us busy all day.

The three tigers are:

Jamie Visser


John de Jager

Site admin & Author

Sander Rozemuller


I’m working in IT since 2007. Since the start I had a main interest for everything about Windows monitoring, logging and alerting. I used many tools which had all the same issue. They are working fine with default performance counters but if you want to do something more than just counters you have to dig into the system. Thats the point I started learning PowerShell.

At this day I am an automation specialist and trying to automate as much as I can. But also developing automation strategies and finding a balance between generic and specific.